Saturday, January 5, 2013

Funniest Quivers

Cupcake boot quiver?
John from The Infinite Curve gave me the idea to find out what is the most fun quiver you have used or made yourself.  My favorite was a boot from my coaches garage that was a tall, rubber camo boot. Worked a treat.

What creative, funny or otherwise outlandish things have you done to keep your arrows handy and out of the dirt? Email me pics if you have them, but please post and let us all know your best quiver story.

My work schedule for the next few weeks is a bit heartburn inducing, so hoping to get some practice time in somehow. Even if just in my head with a stretchy band.


Tara said...

I dig your blog and award you a Liebster:
I feel like such a dope. I couldn't figure out how to send you a message via the blog but I'm sure there must be some way.
Thanks for the good readin'!

Amanda MacDonald said...

Tara, you rock! Thanks for the encouragement, it came on a day when I needed it. :)