Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Practice anywhere, anytime

That weird thing on the right under the plastic is a
photo enlarger for film. Free to a good home...

If you are serious about practice time, you probably have shot in a few makeshift places. Down the hallway, through the garage, out a window, in the apartment... Occasionally you might get lucky and have a fancy place with a fireplace.

I have the basement. Firstly, it's about 10 yards-ish. Secondly, I have to first pick up the cat crap from our old cat who refuses to poop in the litterbox anymore. It usually gets deposited where I set my bow while pulling arrows.

So my limbs comes up between the joists and the heating ductwork, the right side of my butt has to be up against the carpet steamer. One of the local-ish shops has clutter like you've never seen all down the line, so it's practical practice, yeah.

I do like the target set up. They are all new and shiny and are nice and loud when the arrow gives it a good smack. Matt put up a piece of old carpet as a backstop to stop the misses from flying back at my head. Not good for relaxation. It used to freak me out and bent a few decent arrows from hitting the concrete wall.

There is a kick-ass tune center, and by that I mean my old iphone on a speaker jack, that sits on top of the dehumidifier. Sometimes it runs, and you can usually hear the water running into the sump crock. If you listen to it, it will eventually make you have to pee.  There is no fireplace, however there IS a water heater.

It's without a view and stinks of cats, but it's free and I can wear my sweats and comfy slippers if I want to.  My outdoor target is covered in snow, and it's only 21 degrees out right now. And pitch dark.

Do you have a spot at home to practice, a dorm room, the back of a pickup truck?

Pumpin' tunes


john said...

The backyard. I get about three metres. Nice and sheltered. Cold, warm, indifferent. My phone can see the house wifi so I can listen to the radio. It's all good.

Project for this year - make an interesting looking ground quiver. Ideas welcome.

Amanda MacDonald said...

Sounds pretty nice actually. If you have room for a cold beer next to your feet on a nice day, so much the better. :)

Ooh, quiver project! My favorite was a tall camo rubber boot from the garage in a pinch. What materials are you using?

john said...

A boot! That's a great idea, actually. And funny. And paintable. This could work...

bow man said...

i have 30 yd out my back door to my target for my compound and my crossbow i love it