Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seth Godin Thought

Hard is not about sweat or time, hard is about finishing the rare, valuable, risky task that few complete. . . .

Identifying which part of your project is hard is, paradoxically, not so easy, because we work to hide the hard parts. They frighten us.

I borrowed this from Seth Godin's blog.  So true.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I feel guilty

I shot my compound bow tonight... and it was good.

After not using it since, well, April, I picked it up and shot mostly x's at 30 yards without really thinking about anything. Tomorrow is the Annual Turkey Shoot (Paper targets, folks, let's not get silly) so needed to get sighted in and sorted out. We'll see how I do against the boys in camo. Should be fun. Giddy up!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The 10 Fundemental Laws of Archery

 I am reposting this Top 10 list from the Aussie Archery Forum

1. The word "complete" when associated with the phrase "set of arrows" is an oxymoron.

2. No matter how still the day is, the wind speed is directly proportional to the desire to shoot arrows.

3. If you sell off a bow because it shoots poorly the person who buys it will outshoot you with it.

4. You can shoot very well and group exceptionally, or you can obtain sight settings for different distances, but you can never do both simultaneously.

5. The more you need a sight setting, the further your shooting form for that day slides down the tube.

6. When you buy a new piece of archery equipment the first few times you shoot with it you will shoot better than you did before, but once the novelty wares off you will be back to the same.

7. If there is a lost point in the target the person with the most expensive arrows will find it

8. If you finally get over being nervous about whether or not the finger sling will hold, it will not.

9. You are guaranteed to shoot an X if you shoot the wrong target

10. If an item doesn't cost at least $125 then it is likely it will not suffice.

11. The more expensive the arrows the easier it is to lose them on a field.

12. The only time something goes wrong with your bow will be at a state tournament.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Naught to Sixty

Finally worked up to a full 60 arrows this week with the new draw weight. Took awhile and a bit of sweating and shaking, but I'm there with bells on. Cheating a bit using the blue face target, but I needed a confidence boost. Also realized that leagues are starting in only 6 weeks and I needed to get my butt in gear. Points to Dan for signing up so that I wouldn't be the only recurve person. One is the loneliest number. Dan knows his stuff too, so I'll learn some things. Bonus.

One of the really great things (there are many) about working with Doug Ludwig is the access to upper level team coaches. Sent this video to Doug who forwarded it on to Jim White for some feedback.  My right elbow is high when going from Set to Setup (hellloo compound girl, here. Trust me, there has been major improvement already) and my release isn't really following through yet. Yah, the string still feels like it's being ripped out of my fingers right now. Plus, still trying to get rid of my compound follow thru when my fingers hit my shoulder. Somewhere out there is a happy medium.

Looks like the Monday night PTC kids will have to put up with me while I start my instructor's certification. Trying to explain something you kinda, sorta understand is a bit tricky, which is why I have been paired up with Emmie - a sassy, determined 8 year old who doesn't put up with nonsense from the "big kids".  Am going to absolutely enjoy this.

Thursday, November 11, 2010