Sunday, November 14, 2010

The 10 Fundemental Laws of Archery

 I am reposting this Top 10 list from the Aussie Archery Forum

1. The word "complete" when associated with the phrase "set of arrows" is an oxymoron.

2. No matter how still the day is, the wind speed is directly proportional to the desire to shoot arrows.

3. If you sell off a bow because it shoots poorly the person who buys it will outshoot you with it.

4. You can shoot very well and group exceptionally, or you can obtain sight settings for different distances, but you can never do both simultaneously.

5. The more you need a sight setting, the further your shooting form for that day slides down the tube.

6. When you buy a new piece of archery equipment the first few times you shoot with it you will shoot better than you did before, but once the novelty wares off you will be back to the same.

7. If there is a lost point in the target the person with the most expensive arrows will find it

8. If you finally get over being nervous about whether or not the finger sling will hold, it will not.

9. You are guaranteed to shoot an X if you shoot the wrong target

10. If an item doesn't cost at least $125 then it is likely it will not suffice.

11. The more expensive the arrows the easier it is to lose them on a field.

12. The only time something goes wrong with your bow will be at a state tournament.

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