Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunburnt nose and dirty toes

Me in Alaska. "Here moose moose..."

Shot sooo well this weekend. Been doing the extra workouts, even on archery days and feeling the difference already after only four weeks. Went up 8# to my heavy limbs two Thursdays ago and was feeling the connection that I just can't get with the lighter limbs by last Thursday.

The Hubs mowed the back shooting lane and widened up the whole thing to see if we can squeeze in 70 m. Decided to pick one of the state FITA shoots next door to see how it goes for distance the end of June. JOAD classes are off for a few weeks, so hoping to really buckle down and work in between. Slowly cleaning up my diet as well.  Here is my new go-to power snack. No bake - I put some homemade vanilla in there this time - yum!

We took the kayaks out on one of the big bays off Lake Ontario this afternoon after all the yard work was done. Windy, kinda wavy. We are both sunburnt, tired, and have dirty feet tonight.

Must be summer. :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Archery is Beautiful!

Ok, guys and gals! I need your support here! I just signed myself up for the Under Armour "What's Beautiful" Challenge.
So like everything else I do to push myself, I didn't overthink it, just jumped in with both feet. Holy Crap.

Basically, it's a fitness contest, but since this is my fourth week in my fitness overhaul and I'm doing this anyway, might as well get extra credit and maybe win a trip or some awesome workout clothing. My chances are slim, as I'm not a yoga diva or a Tough Mudder chick, but hey, you need to be FIT to shoot a full FITA round with a recurve. No joke.

So to get through the next 6-7 weeks, I'm asking for your support. Visit my page (link up top there) and let me know how I'm doing to promote the awesome sport of archery on a national (and very personal) level.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meeting at 50 m

Just a snap from last night's JOAD class, after the kids went home the rest of us kept shooting, as it was waay to nice to go home before dark. Was the first night the targets went back to 50 and 70 m. No bugs, perfect temp. Everything is greening up.

Time to get the heavy limbs out.