Saturday, October 13, 2012

What have you done lately?

Yup, that would keep most people
in the woods for a bit longer.

About a year ago, my sis wrote this very funny post on her take on bowhunting 101, Big Hat, No Cattle.

Now that she's had some time to bask in her camo glory, she's back out in their Wisconsin property checking trail cams and seeing some monster bucks. Still no cattle, but hopeful and excited.

Archery = confidence
Ave is also a fantastic ballet dancer. Who says you
can't be a girly girl and shoot, too?

In the past week, I've gotten some pretty awesome texts about her promoting archery in their corner of the world. Just past Chicago where the cornfields start up, she's taking her daughter and girlfriends to shoot for a little "girl time". 

Getting her neighbor hooked on this sport, check.
And I quote, "GIRL POWER!" Nothing more fun than getting someone into something you already love to do.

Getting a lesson on back tension releases, check.
BTW, apparently we both yelp when those suckers decide to go off. I think it's genetic.

Who have you taken out in the field or to the range lately? Show of hands if you took a newbie out.