Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hibernation Nation

Well, Hi.

Bloggs are funny things. You need something to say, some inspiration that you hope will resonate with the people that stumble across these pages. I need to have time and brain space to create something, especially writing.  Archery has been on hold for a bit for various reasons. Both my cases are hanging out in the living room, on the off chance I'll have some energy to draw them back. Friends went to Nationals the past few weekends in various locations and I'm somewhat jealous of their commitment and drive to get there. I only have so much and if it gets used up during the day, then no practice. Aside from a way to spend time with family, I had made it unfun. A dangerous thing to do.

Now that patches of green are poking out of the snow in the front yard, there may be some hope for me yet.  Shot twice this week, no scoring. Monday with a baby bow the kids use that doesn't hurt my shoulder. Have changed my grip, my set up slice/draw and am playing around with locking my knees which feels really weird and looks weirder on me. My chin is sporting some string rash for the first time this winter.

I've messed around with my compound and back tension and decided that even though it's fun and a good break, I still really prefer the feel of just a string. I'm glad that I have the option to play and jump between them depending on what mood I'm in that day.

One of the girls on my work team also shoots for fun and we are planning to find a way to shoot at lunchtime when the snow melts. Such a good way to blow off stress.

Spring fever will hit any day now and I'll have too much energy and not enough focus to sit still. My head will be full of ideas for painting and all I'll want to do is be outdoors.