Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Luck favors the prepared, darling."

 - Edna Mode, Master Designer

I wasn’t a boy scout, but I was a brownie when I was six. Does that count? Remember the brown knee socks with the little orange flag things? So cute. But I digress…

Shopping for gear is time consuming. Not sure what I really need. Case in point - cases. Hard or soft? Airline friendly or car friendly? How much stuff will I need to cram in this thing? I'm not that tall, so lugging a full hard case around with me isn't really appealing unless there are wheels involved. Or someone tall and handsome willing to do it for me. 

So many choices. And this is for the easy stuff. Don't get me started on the more complicated things, like sights. This is when a shop that catered to recurve people would be nice to have closer to us. I like to handle the merch before buying to see how deep the pockets are and how easy it is to adjust a sight with one hand.

The riser is on order. My shiny new limbs are resting comfortably in their loaner "limb warmers." It will be a few weeks until the whole package is put together. Like Christmas, only better. Will have to start thinking of a name to christen the new setup. You know, important decisions.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Once Again, It's Deep Thought Thursday

After having friends over to try a few bows for fun, it got me thinking. What makes people pick one system over another? Recurve vs compound? It seems that the creative types gravitate more to the aesthetic of the recurve style, whilst the engineer/analytical sort need the accuracy and control of a compound bow. I'm not talking practical use, although I've met guys that do hunt with a traditional barebow and more power to them.

Doing a survey here, don't be shy. Pipe up. Chime in. Be counted.
Inquiring minds want to know why you shoot what you shoot.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Enter Fall Stage Right

Our very local hooter
I just had the last tomato sandwich of the summer. You know - cheap white bread, mayo, thick slices of homegrown tomato with salt and pepper. Heaven. I'll miss everything I love about summer, but I'm ready for cider and donuts and everything else.

It's noticably darker in the evenings. Rushing to get things done now - dog walked, flowers watered, enough arrows in.  Pretty soon, it will be too dark to shoot outside after dinner and will have to trade the geese and early hoot owls for coffee, hunting stories and trash talk for the next nine months or so.

In preparation for league season, one of the more immediate things I have started to work on is strength.  Take a medium stretchy band or length of rubber tubing, tie a loop that is long enough for you to practice shooting with it. Loop it over your bow so it adds 5lbs or so. Stand in your kitchen in front of a clock with a second hand. Draw and hold for 15 seconds. Rest for a minute. Do two sets of 10. When it starts to get easy, add 15 more seconds. My weakest spot right now is my grip, it starts to unravel at 10 seconds. Let me know if you try it with a compound and how it works for you. I'm not using an arrow, but you probably could if you were nervous about dry firing. Just don't stand facing a window. ;-)

One last little item, here is a free e-book that has some handy-dandy tips. Plus, the site has a lot of information for you DIYers on tuning, arrows, etc., mostly for compound shooters. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deep Thought Thursday

Confidence is the belief that you have something to teach. Arrogance is the belief that you have nothing to learn.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Equipment Check (1..2..3 this thing on?)

Archers (especially bowhunters) are some of the most brand-conscious equipment geeks around. Case in point, the ten to twelve pickups and SUVs that I see every morning on the drive in with the Elite Archery, Bone Collector, and Easton stickers covering the back forty on the rear window.

For those of you wondering what I have been shooting lately, here is a look at my current setup. Polaris practice bow (25#), Easton alum/carbon 2-04/902 arrows, a basic sight and Cartel stabilizer. The stunning quiver is leather and painted canvas and made by yours truly.

Nothing super-duper fancy (aside from the quiver), but it's balanced and it works. Will be shopping for a more permanent solution on everything once I get up to weight (DRAW weight, not my scale, thank you very much). Not sure what I want/need yet. Will keep you posted.

Thursday, September 2, 2010