Sunday, September 5, 2010

Equipment Check (1..2..3 this thing on?)

Archers (especially bowhunters) are some of the most brand-conscious equipment geeks around. Case in point, the ten to twelve pickups and SUVs that I see every morning on the drive in with the Elite Archery, Bone Collector, and Easton stickers covering the back forty on the rear window.

For those of you wondering what I have been shooting lately, here is a look at my current setup. Polaris practice bow (25#), Easton alum/carbon 2-04/902 arrows, a basic sight and Cartel stabilizer. The stunning quiver is leather and painted canvas and made by yours truly.

Nothing super-duper fancy (aside from the quiver), but it's balanced and it works. Will be shopping for a more permanent solution on everything once I get up to weight (DRAW weight, not my scale, thank you very much). Not sure what I want/need yet. Will keep you posted.

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