Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Luck favors the prepared, darling."

 - Edna Mode, Master Designer

I wasn’t a boy scout, but I was a brownie when I was six. Does that count? Remember the brown knee socks with the little orange flag things? So cute. But I digress…

Shopping for gear is time consuming. Not sure what I really need. Case in point - cases. Hard or soft? Airline friendly or car friendly? How much stuff will I need to cram in this thing? I'm not that tall, so lugging a full hard case around with me isn't really appealing unless there are wheels involved. Or someone tall and handsome willing to do it for me. 

So many choices. And this is for the easy stuff. Don't get me started on the more complicated things, like sights. This is when a shop that catered to recurve people would be nice to have closer to us. I like to handle the merch before buying to see how deep the pockets are and how easy it is to adjust a sight with one hand.

The riser is on order. My shiny new limbs are resting comfortably in their loaner "limb warmers." It will be a few weeks until the whole package is put together. Like Christmas, only better. Will have to start thinking of a name to christen the new setup. You know, important decisions.

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Matt said...

I'll lug your bow case around :)