Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday 2012

Following tradition (meaning I did this last year) and in the spirit of Black Friday, here are a few suggestions for your wish list, or for your favorite archer.  They are all things that I have purchased and/or love, or are on my personal wish list (I've been a very, very good girl :-).  

 Got ink? A very personal gift for the person who has everything.

The book "Total Archery" explains in more detail than you imagined was possible the entire shot process by chapter using the Kisik Lee B.E.S.T. system. A requirement for every serious competitive archer.

Adorable and very wearable for any age.

For that future archer you can't wait to take to the range.

Leather quiver with white deerskin trim and two hand-knitted pockets for the archer who wants to stand out on the line.

Happy shopping!  Let me know if /where you find other interesting items on your own scouting session.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Are you the dog in the front?
Tongue out and bug eyed?
Everyone is waxing philosphical lately on the merits of Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, I've much to be thankful for, just wishing things would slow down a BIT so that I could savor some of it. My studio brushes have been dry for months (fixing that this weekend) and some weeks I don't see my hubby until Friday. Feeling like the second in line dog, getting pulled/pushed along at top speed, but not in the drivers' seat. By Tuesday, I am swearing it's Friday already. My new archery-busting gym routine has been done once exactly in three weeks. Sad indeed.

This weekend I am spending with my hubby who has the ginormous task of keeping me sane of late (Thanks, babe!) I am not in jail, so he's doing a good job. Most of the stuff I am tackling is completely new every, single day and challenging in a way that I have not experienced before.  For the next four days I am grateful to just have fun, hang out with people I don't see often, cook and create some stuff.

Am also mucho thankful for all of you that keep reading this nonsense and stopping by on occasion. Hope you have time to enjoy things such as they are in your world today as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bona Fide

Jess and the universal search for back connection.
So this past weekend was girl time. Hubby went fishing and my sis and I went up to YMCA Camp Arrowhead in Rochester to take the Level II instructors course. We learned to set up a range properly - complete with 8 point buck strolling directly behind the arrow curtain. Apparently there is no hunting allowed on camp grounds. That would explain the whitetail middle finger while walking 20yds away from 10 people pointing bows at him. Seriously, I wish I had my camera for that one.

We covered A LOT of material in a day and a half. As a result, I finally understand the end of the B.E.S.T. shot sequence to the point where I think I can explain it to someone else now.  Also, if you have not been woken up at midnight to explain why the wingspan method of measuring draw length makes sense (typo in the book - you have to divide by 2), you haven't lived my friend.

The group had some archers and some Y directors that had never shot before, so a pretty mixed group. The non-shooters were pretty excited after the hands-on part. Funny how fast people decide this is cool thing to do. Like after 3 arrows. :)

Yes, we both passed the final with a lot of giggling and whispering. We find the same things hilarious and don't see each other enough. So yeah, guess we are lucky we didn't end up in detention. Giggle.

Yes, that is a real dog.
Rizzo hung out with us all weekend.