Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lancaster Classic Recap

This is just the 12:30 pm Sat line. Did I mention this is a BIG shoot?
So it's been a long time since we packed up our gear and headed for a tournament with more than 20 people. At 850+ archers, this qualified as a BIG shoot. Held at their new venue, the Lancaster Host Resort, it went very smoothly, and offered seminars, buses to the mothership and a free BBQ dinner to all who shot that weekend. Lancaster makes a concerted effort to be sure everyone has a good time, and it shows. If you have the the means, I highly recommend it. They did separate the recurve men from the women this year, and there were some elite women there who set the bar really, darn high and then flew off to shoot Nimes this weekend.

One of the best things about this shoot are the number of people that you will run into from home, so there are plenty of people to hang out with before, during and after.  We ran into friends from out-of-state and made some new ones as well. Steve and Mike from PTTC, and Sue was there in her stripes to ref on our end. PJ Charette from Ohio was on the bale next to me (and got himself into the shoot offs - GO PJ!). PJ comes up to shoot at our home club with his FIL, who was also shooting. Ricky Smith, who shoots with the pros, was there with his new girlfriend, Amanda. Heidi Miller from CT was on my card, a fantastic person to shoot with and we discovered that we run in the same professional circles (marketing and publishing in the optics & photonics industry) and know some of the same people. Two very small circles colliding first thing in the morning. Later that day, I got a great intro to the under construction archery mecca that is going up in Rochester, NY from Jason Minnamon. Watch for more on this in Summer 2015.
PJ is second from the left, and Heidi is the blond ponytail.

Didn't make the cut for Sunday, but was happy overall with how I did. Only one stupid mistake, and fought some giant butterflies for the first few ends, but once I settled down, did reasonably well. It's always interesting how nerves will put my elbow back in "compound" mode and the challenge becomes letting go of the tension and breathing properly. Breathing = no shaking. You could see it in quite a few of the recurve shooters in the beginning (or if the camera was right behind them), including me.

See, cameras. And that darn elbow. (photo from Lancaster Archery)
Cameras. Yeah, they were everywhere. My single and only complaint was that the video coverage on my end of the line was almost nonexistent. I would have been happy to see what my form was doing in order to better understand how to correct for nerves the next time. All of the "good" shooters were somehow in the center and so that is where the cameras were predominately. One of the best things about this event is the live scoring on tablets right at the bales. Not only did it eliminate math errors (mine) but you knew exactly where you stood at any given time during the weekend.