Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I was able to coerce Matt into video taping me for a few minutes right before dark so I could see what was really happening behind my back. Take home message - lots to work on, but a couple things are starting to come together. Not feeling brave enough to post the video right now. Will give things a few more weeks.  I am really missing my comfort zone shot sequence with the old bow. At some point will have that back, but for now, not so much.  Right now, it runs this sort of VERY conscious pattern and thinking too hard about every step.

- Set feet (ok, got that down)
- activate yoga toes for strong legs (check)
- flatten back / activate core muscles (yup, mostly automatic)

Now the hard part
- drop BOTH shoulders, slouch a bit (waay opposite of compound)
- check hook, bend wrist, drop elbow (getting better)
-  raise bow without raising shoulders
- drop right shoulder AGAIN
- draw using back, check right shoulder and elbow
- rotate left shoulder back in line
- release using back muscles
- Repeat 50 more times or until I break enough nocks (bad shots hitting ladder)

I keep forgetting to check things off in the same order each time. Used to be able to just say "run the program" (yes, to myself) and everything would just happen as it should.  Helps to close my eyes and feel what is going on. Oddly, the release seems to be the easiest thing at the moment, as I am not thinking about it at all (which is good).