Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday 2012

Following tradition (meaning I did this last year) and in the spirit of Black Friday, here are a few suggestions for your wish list, or for your favorite archer.  They are all things that I have purchased and/or love, or are on my personal wish list (I've been a very, very good girl :-).  

 Got ink? A very personal gift for the person who has everything.

The book "Total Archery" explains in more detail than you imagined was possible the entire shot process by chapter using the Kisik Lee B.E.S.T. system. A requirement for every serious competitive archer.

Adorable and very wearable for any age.

For that future archer you can't wait to take to the range.

Leather quiver with white deerskin trim and two hand-knitted pockets for the archer who wants to stand out on the line.

Happy shopping!  Let me know if /where you find other interesting items on your own scouting session.

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PinkFletchings said...

I have Total Archery, signed by Kisik (a very nice man), the day after I got it at Archery Outpost. I just want a bow case, carrying around stuff in a cardboard box is not very practical or smart, especially in the rain. I created a wishlist on, there are about 16 things calling to me ...