Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday DIY

Mucho Manly Gingies
How were your Thanksgivings? Spent some much needed time at home and with friends we haven't seen in  a while. Ate. Way. Too. Much. Back on the workout and eating better (except for holiday cookies!) train this week.

Julie and I worked out a fun way to use those pesky extra quivers and mismatched arrows we all have laying about.  I had a few quivers that I made over the years and hit up Michael's for some on-sale wired ribbon. These are really just big vases/bags you hang, so think of them like a flower arrangement, only way cooler.

1. Pull out ALL your holiday ribbons, those little gold/silver doo-dads, spray paint, feathers, and some faux-holly stuff and spread over entire studio floor.  Sit down in middle of giant mess and match up colors, sizes, etc.

White deerskin and red suede quiver
with reindeer ribbon
 2. Once you have decided which pretties go with which quivers, borrow hubby's iPad to search internet for "How to make big fluffy bow" instructional video.

3. Successfully make bow without getting your fingers permanently attached to it.

4. Use tissue paper to wad into the tubes to keep things secure and removable if you want to shoot with it later on.

5. Julie used some holly pattern fabric hot-glued to a small quiver. Removable later as it's not permanent.

What are you making this holiday that fun and different?

Fabric and raspberry suede (This is a cheat,
as the non-suede side is actually black.
But who's gonna tell?) peacock feathers,
working carbon arrows, curly sticks and gold doo-dads

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