Sunday, November 13, 2011

City Girl

Last week was a fab week for a couple of reasons. Firstly, our street has been surrounded with blinky warning lights and big trucks for the past few weeks... putting in city water. That's right, folks our house is in the sticks, but not so much now. Our awesome neighbors busted through our basement wall and ran a big ol' ditch out to the road. Now we have to get things connected on the inside. What does this mean? I will be able to run the dishwasher, do a load of laundry and take a decent shower all at the same time. Power wash the siding? Heck to the yes! Give the cars a proper bath? No problem-o! Am I excited much? Giggle!!

Another cool thing that happened was that I realized that my weeks had fallen into that trap of the same boring routine and needed a shake up. I haven't been practicing much now that it's dark at 5:00 pm, and I am not a huge fan of shooting inside. So, I put my usual Thursday practice on hold for a bit, dusted off the Cricket and had some fun that didn't require analyzing every small movement for each and every arrow. Not to mention I can still kill some inside Xs, which is ridiculously satisfying thank you very much. On the FITA target no less and with a borrowed release. So I say to my inner critic, shut the hell UP already. I still got this.

The BEST part of the week, however, was finally meeting Stephanie of ::steph chows:: and getting to shoot with her. Meeting another blogger is fun, especially when you have a lot in common already. And the girl can shoot, don't let her kid you. She'll try and tell you that she hasn't picked up her bow since summer, but then all her arrows magically go in the middle. Glad I don't have to compete with her! Her blog is full of really good recipes if you are trying to eat healthier, but not boring. Her hummus avacado sandwich is my go-to fav, especially made with Wegmans crusty 7-grain bread from the bakery and big fat slice of summer mater. Mmm! We had a great time chatting since girls can carry on a whole conversation at full draw, ya know.


stephchows said...

I had so much fun :) can't wait to do it again!! And so happy you're getting sammie inspiration from me :)

Amanda MacDonald said...

I'm so glad. :) Let me know when you are up for another one.

I have found the secret to getting really good traffic is to use your food pics. haha!