Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guest Post from Steph Chows!

Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie of ::steph chows:: healthy eating that tastes good. Amanda asked if I'd pop on over for a guest post with you all about my experience as a female archer, I was happy to oblige! I first got interested in archery through an old boyfriend, he hunted and wanted to try bowhunting, so off we went to a great place called Creekwood Archery where he bought a bow and at first I rented a bow. After a few times tagging along I decided I wanted to invest and get my own bow. Not one to bust the bank I looked into their used bows and found one that fit me perfectly! Even though I knew I'd be sticking strictly to shooting foam I bought a camouflage 40lb drawback hunting bow. I've always been into working out so the 40lb draw wasn't too much for me, and it got my arms in even better shape with all those draws! There is something so satisfying about hearing that thunk when you hit a target, it is a great stress release.  

Now remember always keep a loose grip, no death grips needed!
And yes yes I know I'm missing an arrow, safety first!
I think a lot of girls tend to get intimidated by sports that are male dominated... I see it as the perfect reason to get in there and kick some guys butts! Nothing gets a guy going better than getting a higher score and more X's than him :) Target shooting came pretty easy for me and we got into competing locally and eventually both made it to states. Even though I placed in my group (Female Adult Bow Hunter Freestyle A) the competition aspect really wasn't for me. I still like to take a target out into the backyard and do some damage, but competition wise my days are over :) For me shooting is really all about having a great time and relaxing. If you've never tried it I say give it a go and don't be scared!
This shot is from 2005, I brought my mom out to a field to show her my newly acquired skills...
born and raised 15 minutes outside of NYC I think she was a little surprised at my new hobby :)

Now since my blog is all about healthy eating I figured I'd share an easy snack to bring along to the range next time you go! Wild Berry granola will keep you satisfied and it's made without all that oil most commercial granolas are made with. Head over here to check out the full recipe. Hope you enjoy it!
Doesn't that just look delicious!?

So what about you all? Do you target shoot? Hunt? Get anything yet this season? What's your favorite snack to bring to the range? :)

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