Sunday, April 29, 2012

Field & Stream

See the little distance tag behind my feet
What do swamp, uneven ground, wind, woods, and yardage from 80yds to 15 ft (yup feet) have in common?

Give up? Field archery!

Kat the recurve did it's first field round today. It was a fantastic and sunny spring day in NY, so we hit the road for something new with Ricky Smith, who hadn't done this either. See how tiny those targets look! We tried this last year, but I had my compound with me. This was definitely more of a challenge (can't do 80yds with this setup). But who can argue with a few hours well spent outside.  After the past few weeks of not shooting, lousy, cold weather and travel, this is just what the doctor ordered.

Off to tackle a new week.

The guys were pleased with their distance rounds
Who forgot the binoculars? ;)


Emily Black said...

Nice pictures! I always have hard time using bow. That's why I prefer using guns than bow while hunting.
Thanks for sharing!


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Amanda MacDonald said...

It's all just practice. Glad to see a girl out with her gun, however!