Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movie Madness

Facebook is at it again. All of the "likes" have been dumped with the new timeline swap. Sorry guys!
Please "relike" if you wish. Not making anyone, but there's a free pony in it if you do. ;-)

The NFAA Indoor Nationals are going on right this minute without me. Kinda sad about it, it's a really fun shoot and we always have a great time there. Ya know, with all the baby goats in the hotel, good restaurants, bourbon flights and fun company. It was Vegas or Kentucky and obviously we went way West this time. If you are there, give the Creekwood shirts some applause and cheering for me, will ya? And make it LOUD. Ricky Smith is in the Pro division this year. He's seriously ready to bring it, so look out Jesse. His fiance, Chrissy just got her own lovely bow just a few weeks ago and has no idea how well she is doing already. Next year will be great fun with both of them competing. Last year, I shot next to Brandi Mantha, who was fun to meet and is also an author. Here's a great article by her on  how she feels about this sport.

Entirely switching gears here. Spotlight, long dress, killer shoes, "I want to thank the Hunger Games for bringing archery mainstream and making it look so cool onscreen." Seriously though, between the movie hype and interviews of Khatuna Lorig, archery is hopefully heading back into a revival and I love love love that the girls are coming to ranges everywhere wanting to be Katniss.

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stephchows said...

Seriously?? All your likes went away!? That's not cool!