Saturday, March 24, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

Time is up. Put down your pencils. Got some really good names in the hat from you all, but the winner of the Lancaster Gift Card is...

Scott Greig, Huntley, IL  - "Kat"

And I loved the reason he gave. "You could go all Shakesperean like Katherine (Taming of the Shrew) call it Kat for short. She was wild, bad tempered and drove the boys nuts."  Hello!

Some of the best submitted names were (in no particular order)
Iris (cause it's the same color as the flower)
Queen Bee
Magnum (that just made me laugh so hard)
Flexi Lexi

Thanks to all who entered, it was fun! My bows always have had a name and it's been almost a year now with this one and no name.

On another happy note, since it has been SO crazy nice and warm here, we've been able to shoot outside all week. Except last night when I met up with a new friend Sydney and her dad who came out to shoot for a bit. So happy to see another girl rock her bow! If she decides to get serious about this, look out everyone.

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