Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hangover not Included

This was held in the South Point Arena for the World Cup, the
shootoff finals and for practice. My fav ad in the horse stall area.
Well, we survived Vegas. Five days unplugged was refreshing. Didn't watch tv, did watch more elite archers in one building than thought possible. Met pretty much everyone who is anyone in the elevator at one point or another. Saw some... um, let's call it interesting... shooting form. Witnessed some pretty amazing fashion choices like 3" heels on the Championship line. Learned that I shoot like absolute garbage if I have a massage first (Focus? What?!) Hung out with fun people and didn't think about work once.

BTW, Elvis was in the building. And on my elevator (I told you).

The whole experience will be posted in gory detail on March 5 for the BowAmerica issue, so stay tuned...

Happy Valentine's! <3

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