Saturday, February 18, 2012

All Archery...

...and no play is definitely making me feel like a dulll girl.  Past few weeks seem like mostly work and/or archery. Feeling like I need to spend some time in the studio makin' stuff for a bit and getting back to my roots. Things that make just me happy and not worrying about if it's salable or what the "messaging" is. Have a couple of quivers and from scratch arrows that need to be finished. Eventually would be nice to have a site to showcase things that I actually finish.

Like this...
I also want to redo my room and make some better makin' space. A big center table with storage underneath. New color walls. More book storage (as in not on the floor). I have too many books everywhere. Bigger wastebasket. A new chair or taller yoga ball. Taller tables so I am not bending over getting a sore back.

Storage is an issue with two sewing machines, two easels, three tables, bins of leather and every kind of marker, pencil, paint and pen you could ever need. Need a silk stretcher? Got it. There are beads, wool, and yarn making me feel guilty for not using them in something. Curled peacock feathers, check. Wax stamps, check. Horse bits, portfolio bins, antique blood pressure cuff thingy, clear plastic tubing. I never seem to toss anything as I might need it sometime. Or it will give me an idea for something new.

Tomorrow, I'm heading upstairs to spend some quality time. Maybe the entire afternoon. The house can wait another day to be cleaned.

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