Sunday, May 15, 2011

Turkeys, rain and targets

It's been a while since the last post, some interesting things have been happening.
Firstly, decided to see if my compound could be switched over to shoot fingers. Short answer = no. But, had a fun afternoon shooting easy with a release. No thinking, just shooting. And it was fun. I have a shoot through riser, so my arrows leave a major racing stripe with fingers. But hey, it was worth a try. And worth getting Cricket out of the basement for a change. That bow is just plain fun to shoot.

Gratuitous pic of my
Dad and his turkey last week.
A week or so later, got handed my bow all stripped down (the bow, pay attention). No scope, no annoying grip, no clicker. Got put 5 yds out from the target and a pair of high-end noise cancelling headphones on with music to get lost in. I got lost. Really lost. In about 3 seconds flat the entire world disappeared into just finding a rhythm and keeping my hips pointed in the right direction. Arrows started trying to get in the same hole. Could have done that all night. No joking. Was probably the coolest experience I have had in awhile.

The wet stayed away for almost an entire week and so Tuesday was able to shoot in one of my favorite spots outdoors. Was the first time I've shot outdoors this spring. If you ever get a chance to stand in the middle (safely) of someone shooting 90m and watch the arrow from the side go from right to left, I highly recommend it.

And, now I can shoot out back in my own lane which I did yesterday even thought it was like shooting in England. All misty and wet at 30 meters. Fabulous. I really do love shooting in the rain as long as my teeth aren't chattering. (No, really, look...)
Need to spend some quality time with my arrows repairing shredded fletching. Maybe today, since it's 43 degrees out and raining again. If it's still raining where you are, check out the photos from earlier this week during the Gold Cup qualifier. This one is of Dan Kelly. He was the brainchild behind the aforementioned headphone practice. Dan, you rock.

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