Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post-rapture thoughts

It was waay too nice out for the world to end, as yesterday was first day we have woken up to sun and not the inside of a golf ball.  I am apparently one of the naughty ones, as I was still here sitting on the porch with my coffee listening to the turkey cackle in the hedgerow. Good thing, too, as it was a great week for shooting and I want to keep going.

You ever notice that the more you do something, the more you want to keep doing it? Not like a habit, but you improve your skills and get excited about it and want to go out and do it again as soon as possible. Yup, I am in the happy space right now. Good light bulb stuff happening and the fact that it's not drizzeling is definitely a plus in my book.

After the lawn and laundry chores were done, Matt and I met up with some friends for an impromptu 40-50-60 shoot. First time out - we were looking for zombies in the woods. Found Grant's new turkey decoys instead. The shooting part was great - I had one pin marginally set for 40 yds and had to guess for the rest.

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wendy.maxwell said...

Well, of course you're still here. I'm writing this from the clouds. Lol