Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ok, so now what?

The indoor season is over, everyone is looking for rakes and pacing out raised bed gardens now.  I managed to do something most-unfabulous to my shoulder and feeling old as a result. No practice for me all week, which has actually been, ok. Need to sort out some new equipment (have ossum Shibuya sight for sale if you compound), clicker, why my bow wants to stack (why my shoulder hurts, perhaps?) Was assigned "make list of goals" so here is the next set for public consumption.

Aiming - I think this is part of why I am frustrated. If my form is really as good as people keep telling me, then I think this is the missing piece(s).  I am still trying to aim like a compounder, or I get it for an end and then it magically disappears. Poof. 

Clicker - see above. I don't have a good feel where the end of the arrow is. The arrow goes wherever it was aiming when the clicker goes off instead. Suminabatch.

FITA target fear - Time to blank bale for a while. I can hit the spots off my compound target, I should be able to put every arrow in the middle. Some days feel like a grudge match with that effing yellow thing.

Distances - Need to expand on these and need to figure out where I can shoot to practice them. Also need to get a new sight to accommodate this.

Improved Fitness plan - Ain't gettin any younger, if you know what I mean. Was REALLY sore this week. Didn't shoot Thursday- 3 arrows and was too painful to do 60.  Have entered 5K for work in June, but that doesn't help my shoulders.
Gathering steam again, so will have some energy to tackle the list. This is such a LOVE/HATE sport. 
Much thanks to Doug and Dan for all their instruction/videoing/listening to me whine/teasing this winter. Dan - I think I owe you some beer at this point. Great Lakes Porter?

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