Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nobody Panic

I have been officially diagnosed with target panic.  Like when the previous generation talks about someone with the cancer.   The voice drops to a whisper like it’s contagious or a dirty secret.  If you shoot long enough, you are going to run into this eventually. Or more than once if you’re allowed to admit it.  “My name is Amanda and I have target panic.” The first step is admitting you have a problem.

 There are lots of theories floating about as to the causes by so-called experts. Nobody really knows what it is or why it happens.

I forsee lots of blank baling in my future, which I actually find really relaxing.  Plus, it’s nice enough to practice outside and light enough to stay out until about 8:00 now. And I have a lead on a long distance bale so I can get some practice in there.

For a good laugh, check out Uncle Ted’s dissertation on the subject matter at hand.

Amen and pass the arrows.

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