Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get ready... set... do over

The ducks held the egg hunt early.
I prefer chocolate, myself.

Easter is the ultimate celebration of getting to start over.  For me it was the realization over the weekend by talking to a few folks that I seriously need to get my head out of my ass. No, they were nice and didn't actually say that verbatim. Most people don't like to make girls cry.

When and how it arrived there exactly, I'm not sure. But it's been so wedged in there, I've managed to fully convince myself that I really suck at this sport.  Yes, there are adjustments in equipment to be made, but NOTHING so dire to prevent me from shooting decently if I so desire. I have all the tools necessary at my disposal to fix this.

As Marcia likes to say, you don't need to change anything, just change your mind.  I ran across this lil' gem while thinking this over:
"You cannot solve problems from within the same mindset that created them."  - Einstein

Pretty much what she said.


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