Saturday, January 8, 2011

Patience feels overrated

Was sidelined for a couple of days and as a result haven't shot this week. I think maybe today will see if Matt will move the bag into the basement so we can at least do some 5m shots. The indoor season is in full swing now and I feel like I've missed the kickoff. Have to say I don't feel like competing at the moment. Not where I want to be yet and not feeling confident enough to go out there and suck in public. Will, of course, do it anyway. I need a kick in the ass. There is a mail-in tournament this month and a new NFAA tournament locally in Feb (see for more info if you are looking for something new to try. I'll be working it, so hey- say hello while you're at it).

Was watching one of the recurve guys from my club shoot this week while I had my hands in my pocket. My apparent state of suck is more the norm than I thought. Not bashing anyone, just needed a head smack to see that you can't possibly compare a recurve to compound accuracy. Hubby is over in another lane on fire with x's and I can't stop shaking or I'm forgetting to line up my string with my sight. Dan tuned up my bow the other week - Thanks, Dan - so I can't blame the equipment. It's all me.

Kinda like back when I was riding mostly everyday and doing a lot of clinics. Lots of sweaty work, but even the not-so-good rides were still satisfying because some good work was accomplished. You always end on a good note when riding. Even if it's just trotting around on a loose rein to relax. Missing that element at the moment. When you get tired, you start to struggle and there are no easy shots to end with. Watching everyone shoot the other night - lots of belly aching about releases and scores and whatnot. Everyone was in the same frame of mind. I just need to suck it up and just work harder. As in get my ass back to the gym (signing up for my first 5K this spring) and get moving.

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