Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Early Riser Gets the ... Target

Ya'll remember the Kite Eating Tree from the Peanuts?

This morning's field practice was along those lines, with Paul and Matt scraping back dripping wet trees and brush to locate my errant arrows. Some were found, some not so much. Wreaked a couple as well, but at least they are fixable. Hoping that nobody gets poison ivy because of it. The flying piranhas held off until the end, and it was a gorgeous day to be out with my compound, the hubs and our friends that we don't see much of in the summertime.  And there may have been ribs and brats later. Is that a way to spend a summer Sunday morning or what??

It's probably time to buy a copy of the On Target software to calibrate my sight and just be done already. My lines were off and I was shooting arrows for my other bow. Meh. Ended up sticking to the baby lane to get some shooting in and not lose any more expensive gear. I realize this is part and parcel of the game, but it always gets under my skin when it happens.

Always fascinated with how easy it is for me to swap back to Cricket and shoot without the mind games and angst (aside from the dumb arrows I lost). It's really just a relaxing walk in the woods.

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