Sunday, July 20, 2014

Christmas in July

Here are some fun things you won't find at Lancaster, or likely even at your neighborhood shop. Now that archery is more mainstream, these were all found on Etsy. Click on the photo to order if you can't live without one of the below.

So much more fun than lighted nocks... actual fire. Crazy Czechs. :-)  These would be phenomenally fun for our bbq. Maybe not mixed with alcohol, though.

Offered by the same person as above, I actually would like to try shooting into one of these, although I don't think they would stop a compound arrow.  They are just more esthetically pleasing and have a natural center if you are blank bale practicing. Nice, lightweight design. Maybe not combined with the above product, unless at the end of the season. Hehe.

This one is just for fun and for any of you who do take your practice seriously.

For those of you with a more traditional bent, these are really beautiful and look quite well made. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

(Caveat - I've not purchased any of the above, nor do I know the makers.)

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