Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cricket meets back tension

All in the same spot. Well, at least I'm consistent!

Well, I finally caved. Borrowed the hubs release and screwed up the courage to use it. After shooting fingers for so long, that thing scared the $hit out of me. But, after the first couple arrows (with an audience, jeeze) I sorted out how to get it to go off, complete with flinching, closed eyes and decent groups at a blank bale. Some days I'm such a baby. Haha.

Fortunately, shooting with the BEST system for a few years makes it really easy to use the right muscles.  Thinking about the aim sight picture and not getting the clicker in the right place at the right time = major frustration. So, this may well be the answer. You have the wall (ie. clicker) and you are good to go.

Pretty sure that Khatuna will be someone to be reckoned with before too long with hers. I have a feeling she will pick this up even faster. :D

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