Saturday, August 24, 2013

Archery Discovered - Guest Post

Karen about to take down some orcs...
or maybe a chicken.
It's been a while since the blog had a guest poster. This one is by Karen Noske. She is an author, blogger, an otherwise creative lady and one fun person to work with on the range. And she kinda sorta likes archery. ;-)
Read her blog here -

When a friend of mine sent me a link to the new Hobbit film and directed my attention to the FEMALE elf who was busily twanging the hell out of an orc, I heard a strange, insistent voice in my (secretly pointed) ears as I watched. It was my younger self (apparently born in either Sherwood or Mirkwood), telling me to get back to the archery I’d first enjoyed at a long-ago summer camp. NOW! When your soul sends a message that strong, you listen. At least I do. I immediately looked up nearby archery classes, discovered Points to the Cross, and signed up for a private class the next day. 

Couch Doug informed me—after a brief, action-packed tutorial—we were going to shoot arrows today. Today?? Nervous but game, I took ahold of the bow, trying to remember all his instructions. Instantly, all my nervousness was gone and a weird calm came over me. The world narrowed to a tiny point at the end of my arrow. I pulled back; I released the arrow; I felt my heart fly with it. “Woman,” said Doug, “you’re a natural.” I thought my heart was going to burst with happiness. Since then, coaches Amanda MacDonald and Sue have said similarly encouraging things as they guide me in this most elegant of physical arts.

I’d sound pretty corny (like I haven’t already!) if I shared all the sensations that flooded me that first twilight, but I will confess I cried tears of joy on my way home. I’m so grateful I’ve rediscovered something obviously more than a sport to my soul. Archery continues to be a spiritual experience and a promise fulfilled. Sherwood, your wandering child is back home.


Kay said...

Thanks, Amanda, for sharing my archery love letter! Can't wait for the next lesson!

Marci Diehl said...

Hi Amanda! We met last weekend over a whole lot of coconut and pineapple at Karen's. What a great blog. I love your title!

Karen -- I love those moments in life you described. Thanks for sharing yours.

Amanda MacDonald said...

Hi Marci! Thanks for stopping by and it was lovely to meet you!


Doug and Sue Ludwig said...

Karen, you are a gem of a person and archer. I was wondering if perhaps you and Doug might be from the hobbit world. He loves the literature and the whole "middle earth" along with Sherwood forest. Heck they don't call him Robin Hood for nothing. Thank you for sharing your experiences here; it brought a tear (of pleasant joy) to my eyes. You are a great student by the way

Andy said...

Karen, I can truly relate to how you were feeling the first time you shoot an arrow. Awesome experience!