Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Camo Quivers!

Now that we have more daylight, I have more brain for making stuff.  The most recent is this MOLLE military style quiver with a removable pockety.  If you are thinking "Hey, this has no belt or strap? What gives?"  Well heck, if you want this lovely piece all for your ownsome, you tell me which way you want to wear this. If you decide it's a back quiver, we can work in a knife sheath too...

This one will be going up on my Etsy site, Queen Bee Quivers, but if you decide you want this one, let me know if you saw it here first. Will give you a deal since you read this bloggy!

Just bought some henna to apply to my work peeps and another quiver (not at the same time). Should be fun and interesting results. Will post more pics.

The peepers are peepin', the geese are hogging the pond again and it's snowing like crazy. Must be Spring.

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