Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Full Day of Win

nope, it's not the merengue version, but ya gotta admit, tasty!
It's been a day chock full of Win here, even though we've lost an hour of sunny goodness.

Sunny. Key word here. Full sun and 66 degrees today. That equals open windows all over the house, grilling, noticing that my chives are already up and edible, and rhubarb merengue pie hot from the oven. The puppers was out in the yard soaking up the sunshine. The geese are moving and honking. Matt swears he heard a red winged blackbird the other day. Officially spring here.

Ahh... itchy scratchy!
I also got to give my pony some snuffly muzzle kisses and breathe in his winter horsey-yak-mud smell. That in itself is enough to give me a full day of Win all by itself.  My legs are tired from my run, in a good way. The Colorvibe 5K I signed up for next month is looming large and I have yet to hit 3 miles, but getting closer and starting to feel the difference. If you are local and want to join our growing team - please let me know!!

Bought a metric ton of veg at Weggs and am currently roasting what will most likely be the last batch of root veg in the oven for the week. My friend Alli got us hooked on big batches of the stuff done on Sunday nights to last for a few days. I've also bought a new blender - our old one was a wedding gift 20 years old now - and am planning to start doing some yummy veg and fruit shakes for breakfast. Hopefully fast and easy in my not-awake-yet stage of the morning. And hoping a lunch that will be um... not skippable. Breakfast this morning was a handful of spinach, part of an avacado and blueberries. Actually, not half bad at all!

Found an organic grass-fed beef grower on the way home from the barn, stopped and picked up some steaks to try the next night it's grillable temps outside. Trying to find ways to eat more healthy. The owner greeted me in her starched Wranglers and southern accent. The real cowgirl deal.

Sourced and ordered all the materials for my new "MOLLE Marine Quiver" project, that someone commissioned. Super geeked about this one. Will post pics when it's done you can see how it comes out.

No archery this weekend. The "other" States doesn't have a category for olympic recurve (Why? I would totally go if they did!) Hoping my friends there had a highly successful event and a rockin good time!

Teaching/shooting at our JOAD club tomorrow night and looking forward to another great time there. We have such a great group on Mondays. Several pairs of parents and kids shooting together (including MOMS) so it's a great dynamic and such a fun way to end a Monday.

Have an excellent week my friends! Viva Spring!

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