Saturday, June 2, 2012


Friends don't let friends glue their own fletch.

I am pretty handy with modge podge (you DO know what that is, yes?) glue stick, even fletch tape is ok. Super glue and I are not friends.  I was shown how to do this, oh... maybe two years ago. Not hard to do. The trick is to use glue that does not dry white so your mistakes are at least transparent. And keep the top edges lined up. Sounds easy, right? 
Hey, at least I have something to shoot until I scrape everything off and start over.

Speaking of making stuff from scratch, I finally put some of my quivers up on my new Etsy shop - Queen Bee Quivers . They are not your momma's quivers, so if you are looking for something different, check them out here. Going to be adding some other gear bags and just cute bags soon, so check back for more archery gear with a twist. 

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