Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Feel Lucky

"I Feel Lucky"- Mary Chapin Carpenter

I don't know how much magical goodness you are allowed in a single day. Most of those days are reserved for things like new babies and weddings and the like.  Thursday got pretty close, but without adding a new person to the world. Starting with the anticipation and leading up to the very well received BowAmerica (Blatant plug!) issue and ending with shooting a whopping new personal best at the end of the day.

Someone asked me what was the difference in how I was shooting that day. I am sure that the excitement of earlier translated into extra confidence and relaxation on the line. Even though physically I was pretty tired it didn't seem to have an effect on where the arrows were heading. Once in a while you see how your attitude makes all the difference.

How do you recreate this on a regular basis? If you've had a seriously above average day at the range, what was it that made the difference for you?


Grant Taylor said...

You're a Big Dog now. You can repeat great performances at any time you choose to. You kinda rock.

Amanda MacDonald said...

Grant - aw, shucks!