Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visualize this

Practicing my Joe Fanchin face here
Winter has finally hit. The ice is starting to form on the pond behind our house in big clear sheets. It's late in the season. We finally have had snow stick around for more than a few minutes on the ground as well. Plus, it's been sunny both days this weekend. Shocker for our area, I'm telling you. Had plenty of sun and super-cold weather in the Denver area this week. Woke up to ice on the INside of the hotel windows. I'm going through Starbucks withdrawal from mainlining skinny peppermint mochas to keep warm. The forecast said 40's, not 6!

Archery has been on the back burner with shopping, traveling, baking, decorating, planning parties, yadda yadda.  Dug the bow out of the case yesterday to take some photos, but never actually shot an arrow. Instead of actual practice time, I've been using down time on planes and driving to work to visualize my shot sequence.  Was having some trouble with this earlier this fall when I found that there was a big, black hole in my "movie". I would get to anchor and all would stop short.  Fortunately for some mysterious reason, I can now focus all the way to the arrow hitting the x. Wish I knew what changed, but am really grateful it did. Am worried that my strength level is starting to disappear so left my set up where I can trip over it and remind me to do my SPTs between swapping out cookies in the oven. Vegas will be here too soon and I want to be confident in at least that area.

Matt took some really kick-ass photos of me yesterday out in the cold for the upcoming article (soon to be a second one!). Now I know how those supermodels feel minus the hair and wardrobe team. Thank god for long johns and not too much wind.

I am visualizing me, shooting on a warm beach with sand between my bare toes...

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