Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Girl with A Bow

Ok, enough about me for a bit. Time to take a closer look at another girl with bow.  

My friend Inessa Ellsworth has been in and out of the sport her entire life, beginning as a student in the USSR  system school program.  Since she has been shooting for 25+ years, her form is consistent, fluid and very elegant to watch. And, she’s good.  Don’t underestimate her on the line.  After taking the most of the summer off, she came back shooting 70m like she just did it yesterday. 

Inessa got her feet wet at about 14, and represented the travel team where the coaches were tough and you had to be tougher. If you didn’t keep your elbow up, there was a sharp pair of scissors under your elbow the next time to remind you.  Twice daily practice before tournaments is more than most of our kids do in football or basketball.  She picked up a good work ethic and tough mindset that’s worked in her favor since.
After coming to the US and putting her bow aside she started a web hosting company with her husband, Mike. After 18 years off, Mike bought her some equipment and she was on her way again. With multiple wins at the state level, their business keeps her close to home, but she has gotten the competitive bug again and so plan to see her out in 2012.

Archery seems to attract people with a creative bent and Inessa is an accomplished artist as well. She works easily in 3-D materials making all sorts beautiful, functional stuff. Chairs, leatherwork, mittens, felted wool, you name it. She’s also a great graphic designer.  Check out some of her work on Etsy

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