Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Proof is in the Video

Old School - I can see my Grama V. doing this back in the day.    
This week was different in the fact that it was so humid and nasty out, Matt and I chose to go shoot indoors for the first time all summer.  Which was great, since I could still practice at 30 yards and needed to deal with the "new" distractions.

Had the chance to review a ton of video this week (thanks, Dan) comparing where things stood in April vs a couple weeks ago. Lots of side-by-side comparisons with shot timers and grids to see if I am holding properly and twisting anything unnecessarily. Huge (ok, maybe just big) difference can been seen, even with the untrained eye. Major relief felt in that I finally am getting somewhere and now have the proof to show.

Getting excited about the indoor season this time around. I actually broke one of my A/C arrows with a hit that cracked the carbon. My arrows are dwindling between breakage and losing them in the hedgerow. Time for some new indoor arrows, a string and a bow tune to get things ready.Time to also work on my mental game. Used to be sharper with my focus and that is such a major part of the game. More on that later.

On a completely separate note, I found this great site on outdoor lifestyles, the Outdoor Blogger Network.  Super cool if you are into fly fishing, camping, etc. Checking it out made me realize that we have not been camping all year. WTH? It's not too late for a chilly weekend off someplace. This needs to be remedied immediately (or after Labor Day, when everything quiets down). Been too much of head down, nose to the grindstone this summer. I am planning another quick trip to Boulder next month, so am hoping to get in some decent hiking in Rocky Mt Nat Park and maybe catch some elk in rut with the camera. Am grateful that I get the chance to travel for work out to this area.

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