Saturday, July 23, 2011

Plan to work, work the plan

Question #1:  It's been 90++ degrees out all week and I have been outside shooting because:

A:  My bubble is a little off
B:  Structured plan that has me sweating
C:  Fun new gear!!
D:  All of the above

Tuesday - well anticipated and given it's proper due with a careful assessment of my choices by Mr.Kelly. Everything was measured, considered, deemed keepable - or not - assembled and topped off with an appropriate adult beverage. What's it like to shoot? Like butta. Only betta. Heck, yes!

Plan to work, and work the plan, or something thereabouts. Note to self. Be careful what you ask for. Now working new strengthening program Week #1. Fridays are the toughest, which is fine since by that point I need something else to focus on besides the usual frustrations of the week. My motivation to get the gym is weak at best, goals keep me in line and from bustin' out ma jeans.  Like the 5K from last month. Have I been running since?  Ahem... yes, well....I picked up a 40 lb bag of topsoil this morning without thinking about it tho. Huh. Things should be getting verrry interesting at the end of this cycle.

Tomorrow, we score.

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