Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lucky 79

Mebbe not so lucky for the rabbit, eh?
This is officially my 79th post on this bloggy. Never thought it would still be going, but here we are. Thanks to ya'll for still following my nonsense. (Edited to add: Just checked the stats for this. Was pleasantly shocked to see how far away some of you are - Cork, Bratislava, Pittsford (kidding), Portland, Istanbul and Pasadena - You guys rock!) Have had a bit of writer's block lately, so not much posting.

Seems like after April is over, we all go our separate ways until fall and I have missed my regular archery peeps.
My other fav kind of peep!
So this week has been great for touching base with a bunch of you. Have missed you guys- you know who you are! Archery attracts the best sort of people, IMO. Smart, dedicated and willing to help you out or get you to laugh if you've had a crap day. Plus, they cook well (I am not friends with people who don't like to eat and eat well!) I am typing in a bit of a food coma right now as a matter of fact, courtesy of some archery friends.

Also toying with the idea of going bow hunting this fall. Yup, for deer. Not fully convinced I will do it yet, but figured I'd better get the paperwork done in the meantime. I always reserve the right to change my mind on any decision. There's a lot I don't know, and a lot I am not sure I can actually do. Not the shot itself, the messy stuff that comes after if you did it right. Am sitting through the safety course this weekend, so that box is checked. Interestingly, there are equal girls to guys in the class - go ladies!

This event may be more my speed for the long haul, though. Would love to be shooting on that grand lawn this week in Torino at the World Championships.  In the US, only 10% of archers shoot this style, in Europe, only 10% bowhunt. See, I'm learning all kinds of good stuff in my class.

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