Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Arrows"

All the build up, the expectation, the anticipation of the last few weeks is gone and I'm feeling a bit like someone let the air out of me. Been needing more caffeine and sugar to get through the week (as I drink my coffee and snarf back the Jelly Bellys).

Everything has sorta come full circle since last year. Had a few more brilliant ends last weekend that showed me that improvement is possible. Was good for me to see that world-class level athletes have off days. Apparently they are just human, too. It was also good to see the para-athletes compete alongside the rest of us and kick some butt. There was a guy shooting in his bare feet. I didn't even notice that his arms were missing from across the room. (ok, maybe my powers of observation were not so hot there, but still).

What I relearned that hit me last year- this group of cool women that are so competitive with each other are really fun to hang with between ends. The barebow archers - and I thought what I was doing was tricky.

Looking for the next thing to sink my teeth into. Feeling it may be more on the creative side of things for a while. Or I might shoot 3-D this summer just for something fun and new to try. What the heck.

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