Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quiver Me Timbers

My new quiver. Leather work by me,
knitting by the multi-talented Inessa Ellsworth.
If you likey, let me know. Now taking orders.
Finally after seemingly weeks of "why the hell am I doing this?" I finally had a "holy shit" moment on the range on Thursday night. In order to put your body in a position, you have to RELAX it there. Not PUT it there and try to force it to stay there.

I really should know better. Riding is a sport where you must allow your body to be fluid and relaxed in order to absorb a sometimes immense amount of energy. Just holding your breath over a fence will cause your horse to tense and catch the top rail. Anyhoo, my brain made the connection, the shoulders stayed down without much fuss and everything got easier just like that.Whaddya know.

Three days later... or this morning, whichever, I made up a massive amount of points, stayed relaxed and had a decent dose of how it FELT to shoot well without overtrying (is that a word? I just made it one). Outcome = relief. I will not die in three weeks, things will be just fine, thank you very much. Onward and upwards.

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