Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's all in the Genes

Seriously, how cool is this? Love that everyone is shooting barebow and that's all!
Archery runs deep in our family, just didn't appreciate how far until recently.

Over the 4th, we did a family reunion at my mom and dad's place with the cuzin's. It was one of those really long days spent outside in perfect weather, a few red party cups, grilling, and lots of bows and arrows. There were 12 of us there who either shot or shoot (longbows don't fit in carry on compartments). Followed by noisy firecrackers and sparklers at dusk after a big dinner.

After Mom sent the pics around to the rest of the family, she got these from one of my distant cousins (who I am not sure I've even met!)

Who brings a bow to a gunfight? This guy!

We had a variety of bows and archers - kids, moms, g-pas, state-o-the-art compounds and elven longbows.
Our lane was the old garden behind my folks' house, complete with climbing beech that looks a lot smaller and closer to the house now that I'm an adult.

Meredith showing us how it's done old-school

The boy's morning line
Comparing gear

Girl's morning line
No arrows were lost, but a few were broken.

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