Sunday, September 23, 2012

Keeping the round side down

That time right before hunting season is always fun. The shops are full of kids getting their first bow (so exciting!), the ranges are full of people sighting in and tweaking their set ups. You run into people you haven't seen all summer. Everyone's been off racing their cars or weeding gardens or getting married. All good stuff. :)

Watching the rain bounce on the water.
Still loving our kayaks. Took them out in the rain yesterday because we both had the itch to get out there. It poured and was about 60 degrees. Hello rain gear! I was taking pictures with my phone in the rain. No, I didn't drop it, but was, kinda sorta hoping the rain might, ya know, kill it so I can replace it with one that works.

Kayaking in the rain is really cool. It's almost as fun as shooting in the rain. You aren't hot and sweaty, there is a breeze and there are fewer boats out there. Well, I guess there shouldn't be boats where you are shooting anyway. Eskimo rolls are next, but maybe in a pool to start, eh? Oh, and sort of in that vein (loosely) try this yummy "Quick, Turn Me Right Side Up" cake from my friend Steph this week.

Shooting more this week. Put my heavier limbs on just to see how they felt. Haven't used them since March and I felt pretty wimpy. I can't believe I was putting 100+ arrows a day through that bow last summer. Sooo, back on the SPT program to get back up there. Paddling is good for core and upper body, plus somehow my legs are tired by the time we get back, so that's definitely a plus.

More non-archery nonsense.

Have a great week guys!


PinkFletchings said...

LOL!!! Just what I need to be reading at 2:55 am while I wait for the computer to render. Yay for your awesome Bow Meets Girl blog! You are seriously funny. I'm on a marathon to see how many of your post I can read tonight. I'll let you know where I stop. I hope you are delighted when you see all the emails telling you to moderate my comments (I really hope you approve them, fingers crossed). I especially loved the video in this one.

Amanda MacDonald said...

PF- Glad you are reading along! Just getting caught up and thinking about what to post this week after a few off for the pre-Christmas rush.