Thursday, February 10, 2011

One down, lots to go

First tournament down, got the first one out of my system.Wasn't too bad considering it was really a compound target game and I wasn't using the clicker. Was reminded to just take it one arrow at a time and just concentrate on form, which helped. If I don't care about the score, I tend to do ok. This weekend will be mostly recurve people and fewer compounders. Shooting tonight, will see how things go.

Separate topic- the Empire State Games have been cancelled for this year. There are not many outdoor field tournaments available in NY state and I don't particularly have much vacation to use traveling to places like ND. If you are independently wealthy and are looking for a good cause, please consider this for your next tax write off. It was supposed to have been held in Rochester at RIT this year. Not sure how much RIT charges to use their athletic facilities, but it would have been a fantastic event for all involved.

Snowdrift in 8 degrees

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