Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toxophilite Alert

I happen to know a lot of toxophiles. Right now, at least half of them are sitting chilly in the woods waiting for a 16 pt buck to stop under their blind, turn their heads in the other direction and not move for 15 seconds. Or at least to chase some annoyed doe past them slow enough to get a drive-by shot in the right spot. Even my city-slicker sister caught the bug this year after my oldest nephew got his first deer with a bow (Proud auntie!).

Having grown up around bowhunting it's one of those things that I look forward to, even if I'm not the one dragging in the deer. In Michigan, the day after opening day, go to Jay's in Clare and you will see entire deer mounted like hood ornaments on trucks and vans, sometimes lined up like cordwood on the roof rack, or proudly displayed with the tailgate down to showcase a fancy rack.

The crazy wind from yesterday has stopped overnight and so I am betting there will be more than a few deer on the scale later today. Good hunting everyone.

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