Sunday, November 23, 2014

Meet Vero Navarro - Illustrator

Art should make you feel something. As in Buddist practice, all emotion is not good or bad. Same for art.

For me, Vero Navarro's work does that partially because it's done in beautiful colored pencil, in part from the subject matter, struggle, reaching for something else, worry.  At the same time, she makes whimsical pieces of bird boys playing guitars and dancing that would be suited for children's bedtime tales.

Her official bio goes like this:

"Vero Navarro is a freelance illustrator from La Mancha, Spain, currently living in Madrid. In 2006 she earned her degree in Fine Arts from the University of San Carlos in Valencia.

Her body of work encompasses delicate and realistic renderings of human figure, fauna, flora, architecture and everything in between. In her works she tries to tell us stories about human condition using characters in constant struggle with their inner selves.

She is an enthusiast of coloured pencils in one hand and digital techniques in the other. But is not odd tho find both techniques mixed together in her pieces."

One of the few things I took from my art school years was that the more personal you make your art, the more universal it becomes.  I wanted The Everyday Struggle the second I saw it, and recently was able to get a copy for myself. And am more than a little excited about it to arrive, honestly.

Check out her Etsy Shop for prints - Here
Good art does not mean outrageously priced. Go check out her full portfolio here.
The Facebook here.

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